June 2014

Crain’s Gives Us Some Love

Crain’s stopped by to chat with us about Selden Standard¬†and how it’s coming along, and they published this lovely post about the project:

New Midtown eatery aims to set the standard for local dining

It would be nice if we knew how to take a decent photograph without squinting. But the cement truck looks pretty bad ass. And how about those new concrete floors? Bitchin, right?

Posted on 2014.06.18 in People Saying Nice Things

Good Press All Around

Dan Gilbert’s team announced some new restaurants headed downtown this summer. Among them, our good friends over at Wright & Company. The Detroit News did a nice preview of those spots — but the paper was also¬†kind enough to mention a few other spots opening this year that we’re excited about. Including us:

Gilbert unveils new players to downtown restaurant scene

This is primed to be an amazing year for new restaurants in Detroit, and we’re stoked to be a part of it.

Posted on 2014.06.04 in People Saying Nice Things