More than servers, line cooks, or hosts, we’re looking for co-conspirators – like-minded colleagues who share our love of food, drink, and Detroit. If you are interested in taking hospitality in the region to the next level, if you are excited about learning new skills, or if you just like working with an awesome team, we look forward to meeting you.


Any immediate job openings will be posted below. But Selden Standard is always interested in speaking with inquisitive, talented people. Email us at

Line Cooks

Cooks will be expected to fulfill standard back of house duties: setting up stations, complete some prep work, execute their station, and break down at the end of service. Members of the kitchen staff at Selden Standard will be encouraged and expected to grow their skills: While cooks can expect to be assigned a particular task, every member of the team will have the opportunity to rotate to other stations, learn new skills, and develop their techniques.

Pastry Chef

Certainly, the ideal candidate should have experience working as part of a fast-paced team, a strong understanding of pastry fundamentals, and a solid work ethic. But more so, we’re looking for a creative teammate who loves learning, thinking, and talking about great food. There are opportunities for the pastry chef to be involved in desserts, brunch, bread baking, the cocktail program, et cetera. Salary commensurate with experience. Health care available. Some assistance for moving expenses may be available for an out-of-town candidate. Email us your resume to apply.