Selden Standard is now hiring for all positions. More than servers, line cooks, or hosts, we’ll be looking for co-conspirators – like-minded colleagues who share our love of food, drink, and Detroit. If you are interested in taking hospitality in the region to the next level,
if you are excited about learning new skills, or if you just like working with an
awesome team, we look forward to talking with you.


To apply, please send your resume and the position(s) in which you’re interested to


Selden Standard’s approach to “scratch cooking” extends to its cocktail program as well. Bartenders must set up bartending stations, execute drinks with proper craft cocktail technique, and break down the bar at the end of service. They will be expected to know or learn how to conceptualize new drink recipes: Bartenders will periodically be asked to present new drink ideas to other bartenders and to the management team as the restaurant creates new seasonal menus. Beyond cocktails, bartenders must understand the full menu, including the beer and wine lists and should expect to attend regular training sessions to improve their product knowledge and understanding of food and drink. Craft cocktail experience is preferred but not required.


Members of the dishwashing team are expected to keep serve ware and cookware in rotation to the rest of the staff and to perform other tasks as assigned by the Executive Chef and Sous Chefs.


As the first faces customers will see as they enter the restaurant, hosts offer a crucial first impression of Selden Standard. Hosts will be expected to help set up for service, answer the phone, help build and maintain relationships with regular customers, organize the seating for service, and keep track of reservations.

Line Cooks

Cooks will be expected to fulfill standard back of house duties: setting up stations, complete some prep work, execute their station, and break down at the end of service. Members of the kitchen staff at Selden Standard will be encouraged and expected to grow their skills: While cooks can expect to be assigned a particular task, every member of the team will have the opportunity to rotate to other stations, learn new skills, and develop their techniques.

Pastry Chef

The pastry chef will be responsible for all aspects of planning and executing the pastry program under the direction of the Executive Chef. This includes conceptualizing and executing a rotating array of seasonal desserts, overseeing the restaurant’s bread program, and making all the house-made pastas.

Prep Cooks

Entry level kitchen staff will be expected to perform basic prep tasks including cleaning and food preparation. More seasoned employees may be assigned to particular roles such as butchery. All prep cooks will have an opportunity to learn and advance their skills through rotating into other job roles and through assisting senior cooks.

Server Assistants

As the unsung heroes of the team, server assistants must be hardworking, proud in your work, and able to multi-task. Duties will include setting, cleaning and resetting tables, greeting guests as they're seated, serving and refilling waters, assisting the servers with clearing, running, and serving food. Those with a keen eye for detail, a sense of hospitality, and a knowledge of the menus will be strong candidates for advancement.


Servers are the primary public face of Selden Standard. As such, their primary role is serving as an agent for our customers, anticipating and understanding their needs and helping them to navigate the experience at our restaurant. Working as a team, all servers are expected to run food and drink, clear tables, offer suggestions to customers, answer customer questions, and represent the customer in interactions with the rest of the Selden Standard staff. Fulfilling this critical role will require servers to understand the full menu, including the beer, wine, and cocktail lists. Servers should expect to attend regular training sessions to improve their product knowledge and understanding of food and drink.

Sous Chef

Under the direction of the Executive Chef, sous chefs should expect to participate in ordering food, equipment, dish tank supplies, etc; organizing the prep team; overseeing the line cooks; scheduling; and menu development. Prior experience as a sous chef or kitchen manager is preferred.